Tool Logic Multi-Tool and Survival Knives Review

The Tool Logic® brand of survival knives and multi-tools from SOG are known for their innovative designs and high quality. They are most well known for their credit card sized survival tools, which many consider to be the best credit card multi-tools ever made.

The one thing all Tool Logic® products have in common, is they are all designed to help you be prepared for unforeseen emergencies.

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Tool Logic Multi-Tools

Just about everyone should have a multi-tool in their tool collection. It’s one of those tools that you shove in your glove box or backpack and kind of forget about.

But that one time you find yourself in some unexpected circumstances, and the difference between peril and success is having a knife or screwdriver available, then a having a multi-tool with you can be a godsend.

Multi-tools come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. The one thing all Tool Logic® multi-tools have in common, is that they’re all designed to be as small as a credit card. That way, you can have survival tools on you at all times.

Over the course of several years, Tool Logic® developed different versions of their credit card survival tools. For the most part, each one is similar in the fact that they all have a knife blade, but where they differ is in the additional tools that they come with.

Let’s take a look at all of the versions available and see why these are considered some of the best credit card multi-tools made.


Tool Logic CC1SB credit card companion

The Credit Card Companion is the first compact multi-tool that Tool Logic® came out with.

Designed to be able to kept in your wallet, it’s so light and slim that you’ll barely know you have it. Yet, when needed you’ll find it’s amazingly useful.

The 2″ stainless blade is razor sharp and serrated to cut through even the toughest materials with ease.

Along with the compact knife blade, it also features the following tools:

  • Combination Can/Bottle Opener
  • Awl
  • 8x Magnifying Lens
  • Compass
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Small/Large Screwdriver
  • Inch and cm Rulers on the backside

At just 1.3 oz, it packs effortlessly for travel both on and off-road.

It’s also the version that most knockoffs are designed from. If you want to add this fantastic credit card sized tool to your collection, make sure that you get the real McCoy, like this one at, and not some cheap imitator.


Tool Logic SVC1 survival card

The Survival Card 1 is the first revision to the credit card companion and was designed to be packed with lifesaving features.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that it offers a new skeletonized, serrated knife made of tough stainless steel.

The SVC1 forgoes the bottle opener and screwdrivers in favor of a magnesium alloy fire starter, and loud signal whistle.

Like the CCSB1, it also comes with an 8x power magnifying lens, compass, tweezers and toothpick.

It’s still the same size as a credit card and weighs less than two ounces. Also, with the great addition of including a hole for lanyard attachment, it’s easy to wear or carry with you whenever you head out into the great outdoors. I wouldn’t go hiking, camping or hunting without one and I consider it one of the best multi-tools for backpacking.

This essential tool kit deserves a place in your car, backpack, tackle box and even your home. Keep the Survival Card with you and you’ll always be prepared for life’s unforeseen emergencies.

The Survival Card 1 is discontinued and no longer available at most retailers, but you can still find them here.


Tool Logic SVC2 survival card

The Survival Card 2 is the successor to the original Survival Card and it too is packed with lifesaving features.

It offers the same serrated knife made out of tough AUS 8A type stainless steel, a magnesium alloy fire starter, and a loud signal whistle.

The knife is actually pretty comfortable to use with two fingers. You won’t be using it to skin a deer, but when it comes to tasks you might need a knife for when backpacking or camping, like cutting cords or feathering matches, it’s more than adequate.

What separates this from its predecessor is, instead of including the mini compass and magnifying lens, it comes with a brilliant red LED flashlight.

The LED light is extremely bright, and red LED’s are designed to use less energy than white LED’s, so the battery should last longer. The battery is replaceable, but you do need to use a small jeweler’s screwdriver to remove the battery cover.

There’s also the same metal tweezers and plastic toothpick included as well as the hole for lanyard attachment.

If you don’t think you would need the mini compass or magnifying glass of the SVC1 multi-purpose survival card, and would prefer to have some sort of illumination, then you definitely should go with the SVC2 credit card sized survival tool.

You can buy the SVC2 on

Tool Logic Survival Card II using Fire Starter


Tool Logic ICC2B credit card companion

The ICE Companion is a redesign of the original credit card companion that comes in translucent plastic with blue color accents

It has the same 2″ stainless steel knife blade that’s designed to work with one finger. It’s razor sharp and serrated, allowing it to cut through some extremely tough materials easily.

This credit card size multi-tool also features an updated combination can/bottle opener and awl, based on feedback from the original CCSB1.

The compass and magnifier were replaced with a LED lite, and it still includes the tweezers, toothpick, and rulers on the backside.

Unfortunately, this version was discontinued and is extremely hard to find anymore.


Tool Logic CXA33 Bundle

The LED light added to the Survival Card 2 was a great addition, but there were complaints about the compass being removed.

So, instead of making a third version of the Survival Card multi-tools, they decided to instead bundle the SVC2 with a full sized compass in the CXA33 bundle.

This combination pack features the compact survival card (SVC2) plus a full size oil-filled, acrylic compass.

The compass was pretty good, nothing to write home about, but decent. However, my biggest problem with this bundle is that you now had to keep these two tools together in order to have a complete compact survival kit, and the likelihood of losing one or the other greatly increased.

These bundles had a limited run and pretty much can’t be found anywhere anymore.

Tool Logic Survival Knives

While primarily known for making the best credit card multi-tools, Tool Logic® made some pretty great survival knives with some innovative features.

Adding features like magnesium fire starters and LED lights to full size survival knives, and built with the same high quality that their tactical credit card tools were known for, the SL series of knives are well regarded within the survival, prepper, and backpacking communities.

Tool Logic SL3 survival knife with fire starter


Tool Logic SL3-Fire survival knife

Weighing in at just 3 ounces, the SL3 is a complete off-road survival kit.

It features a 3″ 50/50 serrated blade, a loud emergency signal whistle and a magnesium alloy fire starter.

The knife blade is very sharp and easily operated with one hand. The handle is made of plastic so it is lightweight, yet durable which is great for backpacking.

The fire starter is contained in a sleeve attached to the top of the handle. It’s rated for 100s strikes and will throw off a shower of intensely hot sparks even when wet.

The two deciding factors between life and death in a survival situation is the ability to make fire and the ability to shelter yourself from the elements. This tool enables you to do both. The SL3 is perfect for rugged outdoor sports and survival applications.

You can find the SL3 at some specialty retailers and here on


Tool Logic SLP2 3″ survival knife

The SL Pro 2 builds on the great design of the SL3 but adds an LED flashlight.

It too offers a 3″ 50/50 serrated blade and loud emergency signal whistle built into the light weight, but extremely durable ABS plastic handle.

It is an extremely sharp knife with smooth action, and easy to open one handed.

The addition of a white LED flashlight, that’s detachable from its sleeve attached to the top of the knife handle, makes this a must have survival knife.

The LED module has a premium magnesium alloy fire rod attached to it that’s rated for hundreds of strikes. It throws off an intense shower of sparks at over 2500 degrees making lighting fires child’s play.

The flashlight is made of tough anodized aluminum and is waterproof for use in wet environments or for shallow immersion. If there’s any cons with this survival knife it’s that the flashlight can be a bit finicky to turn on sometimes.

The SL Pro features solid steel construction and has a stainless-steel pocket/belt clip on the back. It’s an ideal choice for rugged use anywhere life takes you.

Like all other Tool Logic® products, the SL Pro 2 can be hard to come by, but are worth the purchase when you can find them. The SLP2 can occasionally be found on at this link.


Tool Logic SLP102 low profile survival knife

The SL Low Profile comes from the same lineage as SL Pro survival knives but in a smaller package.

It has a 2.5″ straight edge blade, instead of a serrated blade found on the 3″ Pro models and also includes a magnesium alloy fire starter built into the handle.

A thumb-hole recess in the blade provides quick draw opening for immediate use once in the open position. It includes a locking mechanism that secures your blade in an ultra-secure position while open so you’ll never have to worry about accidental closure again.

The SL Low profile features solid steel construction and has a stainless-steel pocket/belt clip on the back.

An excellent light weight and compact knife for camping or survival situations.

You can purchase the SL Low Profile knife on


I truly believe everybody should have some kind of Tool Logic® product in their vehicle, backpack or bug out bag. They’re popular with backpackers and survivalists for good reasons.

Sadly, most of the Tool Logic® product line is now no longer being manufactured. However, some can still be found at and other online retailers. I would highly recommend getting your hands on them before they are gone forever.

Tool Logic® is a brand name and registered trademark of SOG Specialty Knives. has no relationship with SOG Specialty Knives, direct or indirect, and we don’t imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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