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With so many different tools available, how do you know which tool to use? What makes one tool different from another? How can you maximize the capabilities of your tools?

These are the types of questions we want to answer with the articles and how-to guides that you can find here in the Knowledge Base.

Discover which tool you should use for the task at hand. Figure out why you should use one tool vs another. Learn how to use and get more out of the tools that you own. These tool how-to guides and articles will do all of that and so much more!

angle grinder on table after being used to cut metal tubing

Angle Grinder Uses: A Handy Guide

Discover angle grinder uses that will amaze you! Learn how to master this versatile tool and tackle projects with confidence and ease!

close up of man using a scroll saw

The Best Scroll Saw Uses

Unlock your woodworking potential with this guide on scroll saw uses. Master intricate techniques and create captivating, unique projects.